We envision that all children and their families, from all walks of life, will spend more time outdoors, engaged with nature for a healthier, happier, smarter Texas.


The Texas Children in Nature Network

The Call To Action: In the early 2000’s research was emerging that showed that children were spending less time in the outdoors and more time with media; while at the same time childhood obesity rates were increasing at an alarming rate. Within just a matter of one generation, our society was radically changing to an increasingly indoor focused world for our children. Author Richard Louv published his book, Last Child in The Woods; Saving Children from Nature Deficit Disorder in 2005 that...


Letter from Texas Parks and Wildlife Executive Director, Carter Smith

Dear fellow Texans,

We all have fond childhood memories of a special place where play, imagination and wonder reigned. For most, that place was outdoors. Through these experiences, we gained understanding, appreciation and a personal relationship with the natural world.

Sadly, today’s children are allowed less time for unstructured, creative play in nature than ever before. As the trend away from outdoor play and learning deepens, we are witnessing sobering consequences for children’s health, well-being and quality of life. Additionally, this youngest generation is missing...