Please use the resources to spread the word. Our unifying message and brand will help communicate and promote this important initiative to connect children and families with nature. Please communicate with the TCiN coordinator or your regional leader before placing the TCiN logo or Nature Rocks Texas logo on materials. Thank you for all you are doing to connect children and families with nature.

Texas Children in Nature- Logo

Show that you support reconnecting Texas children with nature by adding the Texas Children in Nature logo to your website and link to our page.


Nature Rocks Texas logo


Nature Rocks Texas Rack Card

This is a rack card to promote Nature Rocks Texas and Texas Children in Nature. It can be downloaded to be reprinted however it cannot be modified in this form.


Add your logo to the flyer! Save one of the files below and insert your logo to distribute. If you do not have a PDF to MS Word converter installed on your computer there are helpful links on-line. You may also contact and we will send you a Word file that you can manipulate to add your logo or website.

We do request that the TCiN logo and website remain on the flyer.

TCiN flyersmall.jpg

Natural Resource / Environmental Literacy Plan

The Texas Natural Resource/Environmental Literacy Plan serves as a framework to coordinate statewide efforts of formal and informal educators to provide lifelong opportunities for all Texans, regardless of age, culture, and circumstances, to become stewards of our natural resources.

Community Action Guide

Building the Children & Nature Movement from the Ground Up. This guide was prepared in 2008 as a starting point to get the grassroots movement started in communities around the country including Texas.

Network Weaving Presentation

Network Weaving is a method for building networks in a strategic way that gathers the right people to a collaborative or issue. This presentation was developed by Hayden Brooks and Jennifer Bristol for TCiN and can be used by any TCiN partner. The presentation can also be found on Prezi.

TCiN Action Plan

The TCiN Action Plan was created by the work groups after the release of the strategic plan. This plan is for the work groups only and not for pubic use.

2012 Texas Outdoor Recreation Plan

The 2012 Texas Outdoor Recreation Plan (TORP) fulfills an eligibility requirement allowing Texas to continue receiving its allotted appropriation through the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) program. Each state is required to produce a statewide comprehensive outdoor recreation plan (SCORP) at least once every five years. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) is the state agency that holds the authority to represent and act for the state of Texas regarding the LWCF stateside assistance program. The LWCF State and Local Assistance Program is the only federal source of funds partnering with states and local governments that is solely dedicated to protecting conservation and recreation lands for future generations of Americans.