Connect with TCiN in your community. Regional collaboratives are developing across Texas to connect children with nature and implement the Texas Children in Nature Strategic Plan in local communities.

Contact the following people for your area:

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Children in Nature Collaborative of Austin- CiNCA is a network of organizations and individuals that believes that children that are connected to nature will be healthier, happier and smarter citizens.

Nature Rocks Austin is a website that allows families to connect with outdoor activities, events, programs and natural spaces around the Austin and Central Texas Region.

Contact: Ryan Spencer

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Texas Children in Nature - San Antonio is a network of non-profits, government agencies, businesses and concerned individuals who want to connect children and families with nature for a healthier, happier, and smarter San Antonio. Nature Rocks San Antonio connects to all the cool and fun things to do in nature around the San Antonio and south central region of the state.

Contacts: Judit Green or Thea Platz

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Texas Children in Nature - North Texas is charged with implementing the state-wide Texas Children in Nature strategic plan (2010) in a manner that meets the specific needs of North Texas children. We will create a network of private and public organizations and individuals dedicated to strengthening children's connections to the natural world.

Nature Rocks North Texas is designed to connect families in North Texas with all the fun and exciting things to do outside.

Contact: Melody Wood

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Texas Children in Nature - Caprock region encompasses the area from Abilene to Amarillo. Families in the vast Caprock region can find cool places to go and things to do at

Contact: Susan Rowe

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Texas Children in Nature - South Texas region encompasses the geographic area of the Texas Gulf Coast from south of Brazoria to Corpus Christi.

Nature Rocks South Texas connects families and individuals with all the cool, programs, events and natural spaces in the South Texas region.

Contact: Sarah Coles

Education Director, Corpus Christi...

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Texas Children in Nature - Houston is a collaborative, multi-year campaign to encourage people to enjoy the many exciting outdoor opportunities in the greater Houston region. The collaboration will fuel and direct the movement by catalyzing partnerships between businesses, healthcare providers, green groups, urban planners, educators, community groups and faith-based organizations.

Contact: David Crossly or Jaime Gonzalez



The Rio Grande Valley is home to her 20 nature centers and countless parks where families can explore. For more information about the TCiN - RGV regional collaborative, please contact Marisa Oliva-Rodriguez at



TCiN- Pineywoods is a network of non-profits and agencies in East Texas that are focused on creating nature-based opportunities and access to nature to connect children and families with nature.