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Texas Paddling Trails

Texas has thousands of miles of rivers, lakes and coastline that for families to enjoy exploring via paddling in a canoe, kayak or standup- paddle board. The Texas Paddling Trails is a program to develop public inland and coastal paddling trails throughout the state and support these trails with maps, signage, fishing and wildlife-viewing information, and more! These trails provide well-mapped accessible day trips in a variety of settings and for all levels of paddling experience. The paddling trails team is continually working with new community partners, so check back often for new trails to paddle, fish, and explore.

Recommended Safety Tips

  • always make sure every person in the water craft has a lifejacket,
  • never paddle alone,
  • always file a "float plan": tell someone where you are going and when you are expected to return,
  • check weather forecasts,
  • carry a map of the stream or chart of the bay so you can find your location at any time,
  • carry a cell phone or a handheld VHF radio in coastal areas
  • carry a hand-held Global Positioning System unit; it will help you determine where you are and how to get back to a launch site and — in the event of an emergency — allow you to pinpoint your position for rescuers
  • wear protective footgear and carry drinking water, sunscreen and insect repellent
  • plan your trip so that your paddling skills are equal to the water conditions.


Get to know your local stream by learning about its watershed, riparian zone, and its native vegetation. Conserving riparian areas is important as these areas filter pollutants and protect against flooding and erosion. When paddling, be sure to take a bag to hold your trash for proper disposal when you leave the river.