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Family Picnics in the Park

The National Park Service wants to see "Every Kid in a Park" and so do we! But we would also love to see every family in a park. Picnicking is one of the many ways you can turn "family time" into an outdoor activity.

May's Outdoor Activity of the Month is picnicking. So gather the family and friends together to come up with creative ways to share a meal together at your favorite park or explore a new natural area. Picnicking is a low key way for multiple generation relatives to gather together to spend time in nature, share stories and slow down to just be together. Here are some fun ways you can spice up your picnic events.

Lot of people think you have to pack tons of things for kids to do while on a picnic in the park. This year- see what happens when you just let the kids play and come up with games on their own. Remember playing freeze tag, hide-and-go-seek, spot light and leapfrog? Kids still love to run, hide, jump and play with flashlights just like you did. Let them use their imaginations and see what games they can come up with.