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Beat the Heat: Get Out and Swim!

Don’t let the hot weather discourage you from enjoying nature. Instead, take advantage of this Texas heat by going for a refreshing swim! Join the thousands of Texans who take their families swimming at local and state parks to beat the heat. After all, swimming is a blast and has a whole range of health benefits for you and your children! For example, swimming can be a factor in preventing childhood obesity and has been linked to reduced juvenile diabetes. Additionally, studies show that kids who play and learn outside are “healthier, happier, smarter.”

Don’t know where to go swimming yet? Whether you’re looking to go swimming in a lake, creek, river, the ocean or a good old swimming pool, Texas State Parks have got you covered. With over 60 places to swim in Texas State Parks, and hundreds of municipal parks, and swimming holes, there’s bound to be a location near you. Check out a list of locations here.

Make sure you stay safe while enjoying the water, though! This means being hydrated before, during and after swimming, always having a buddy and being aware of currents where you’re swimming, just to name a few. Click here for a complete list of safe swimming practices. So, have fun and enjoy the water!